You thought your music would do more for you than it has over the years

The problem is that being a full time Independent Artist can't pay for your responsibilities right now

Not Enough Time  
Not Enough Money
Not Enough Research 

Parents, Kids, Work. 
All of them need your time. 
You have a life that needs the  income you produce to function.      
How do I get more fans? Is playlist promotion a real fan?

You Know Those Struggles 

But the Main Thing You Feel is...


How Do You Do That?

What Does Being an Independent Artist Full Time Feel Like?

It Feels Like

Not Counting The Days Until You're Off Work

Emergencies Not Forcing You To Work More Hours

Being Able To Pay For Your Next Releases Budget No Problem

Your Family Dancing Along With Your Songs With Pride & Smiles

You Having The Respect That Comes With Running Your Own Business

H O W  S W A Y !?

At Royaltiesbuildlifestyles.Com I know you’re the kind of person who wants to be a full time Independent Artist. In order to be that, you need a clear plan to build fans and generate royalties. 

The problem is you have a life that needs that income which makes you feel like the life you built is holding you back and you’re never going to make it. I believe that nobody who has worked on their music as hard as you have should live with the idea that their life is a prison for their creativity. I understand waking up and spending all day at work thinking about the songs that could get me out of this job. 

That’s why I looked at what makes a successful artist and broke it down to the four elements of the RBL Package. Here’s how it works; You need good songs consistently, you need to know who and where the people who like those songs are so every time you put something out they are listening, liking, commenting and sharing, you need to know where to go to cultivate relationships to constantly grow that fan base and doing that will generate enough royalties to match your income and leave the job. 

BUY IT today, so you can stop thinking about missed opportunities before life got complicated and start enjoying the freedom that comes with making a living doing what you love to do. 

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